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The scenic spot self-service ticket machine is popular among a lot of scenic spots

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Scenic spot self-service ticket machine system focusing on four big functions: ( 1) Reduce the cost of humanistic: can meet the demand of the scenic spot more than 90% of the wisdom, ^ basic function is to replace traditional box office visitors self-service ticketing, not only saves labor costs, also reduce the stress of scenic spot ticket, for tourists queue time, save the ticket and ticket of convenient visitors quickly into the garden. ( 2) Distribution platform: can docking distribution platform, realizes the O2O orders landing requirements, seamless access to online, let tickets sales channels is infinite. ( 3) Targeted: to provide large data analysis, such as group, age, sales, etc. , using the self-help opportunity for tourists for data analysis in ticket sales more targeted, better service for the member. ( 4) Enhance the image of the scenic spot: use the scenic self-help to sell the tickets terminals at the same time, the electric business platform for the scenic spot, help scenic area offers visitors a tour, scenic area consultation, booking and other value-added services. Better serve tourists to scenic spot, and to improve the quality of the scenic spot.
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