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The scenic spot self-service ticket sales and taking what does it do?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
With constantly improve the level of society, people more and more high to the requirement of the quality of life, without exception of tourism became the best channels for people to relax. But every tourist peak, more and more problem comes: visitors queuing to buy tickets is difficult, the conductor workload is too big lead to poor attitude, tourists and have difficulty in communication between the conductor and so on. These problems if not solved, may lead to tourists in when choosing the site exists many obstacles. In order to fundamentally solve this problem, now scenic area have installed self-help sell the ticket machine. Scenic spot self-help to sell the ticket machine has the following functions: tourists self-service ticketing: tourists can realize on self-service equipment to choose type ticket ticket, print the ticket. Self-help tourists collect the tickets: website and client all orders can be directly through the equipment take to print the ticket. Phone qr code automatically scan recognition: identifies a mobile phone can be sensitive electronic screens in the qr code image acquisition order information. The second generation id card read automatically: can be read by the second generation id card recognition contains the id number of the order. Bank self-help pay: visitors can through the bank card self-help credit card payment. Automatic accounting ticket price: by credit card payment orders can be automatically accounting ticket price, facilitate daily reconciliation and settlement. Automatically generate reports: trade through the self-help sell the ticket machine can automatically generate reports for reference. Multimedia display: equipped with upper and lower two multimedia display screen, used to display all kinds of information. Self-help for scenic spot ticket sales and taking the function of the share today to here, the scenic spot self-help sales pick up ticket machine is an innovation to traditional artificial ticketing tourism, is to let the tourism industry to realize automation of a starting point. Scenic area independently sell the ticket machine function is various, and easy to operate, through the prompt on the screen, visitors will be free to buy tickets, greatly reduce the workload of the conductor, but also can reduce the visitors at peak hours queuing time unified to buy tickets. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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