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The self-service ticket machine is simple and practical

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-23
A technological lifestyle has enabled us to get many benefits in our daily lives, such as full self-service washing machines for laundry, payment machines for payment, and so on. These are not available before, but now we are used to their existence. , Their use obviously brings us great convenience, and the self-service ticket vending machine is also one of them, which can help passengers who buy tickets. Picture: Self-service ticket vending machine The self-service ticket vending machine provides another 'window' for passengers who buy tickets. You can pick up the tickets through the Internet, instead of waiting in line at the window to pick up the tickets. It takes no more than five minutes for people to pick up the ticket in line to get the ticket in hand. If it is operated manually, it will not be available for half an hour, which reflects its very high practicality and excellent operability. It is simple and safe to verify the ticket purchase information by swiping the second-generation ID card. The self-service ticket machine provides a very convenient ticket purchase procedure for everyone, and makes an indelible contribution for people to get on the bus as soon as possible.
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