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The self-service ticket machine is suitable for installation and use in station scenic spots

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
The self-service ticket vending machine is very suitable for use in places where the flow of people is large, the ticket sales speed is slow, and the work efficiency of the staff is low. In fact, in this era when the network is so developed, the function of this device is even more incisive, providing great convenience for people to buy tickets. Figure: If the self-service ticket vending machine improves the efficiency of the staff, causing a large number of people to stay in the hall? The author believes that there are two ways to solve the problem. The first is to simplify the ticket sales process and quickly allow customers to buy tickets. The second is to add a ticket purchase channel, such as buying tickets online and picking up tickets on site after payment. The most suitable way to achieve both of these two methods is to use a self-service ticket vending machine to meet these two conditions. It can not only achieve ticket collection after online ticket purchase, but also increase the number of window ticket windows and increase the speed of ticket sales. The use of self-service ticket vending machines is also beneficial to ticket sellers in stations and scenic spots. The equipment can share part of the ticket sales work and reduce the pressure on staff.
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