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The supermarket check-out queues to save time - Self-service checkout

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
And increasingly fast pace of life in modern society, adapt to the demand, in the retail industry as some large supermarkets in changing, to meet the needs of customers quickly check. Now carry out self-help cashier place and way more and more, in addition to artificial cashier can be a variety of payment, some supermarkets opened including payment support alipay, WeChat self-help cash register; Small program flicking yards pay reconfirm leave pay code machine, etc. Sweep sweep experience small program code to pay: code by mobile phone after check out more and more supermarkets or department also in testing the waters more convenient sweep code of payment. Such as 'sweep code for' a dedicated channel, in the case of purchase item is less, only need to scan the code for 'qr code into WeChat small program, and then through a small program scan the bar code of goods can be on a mobile phone shows that the commodity information, invoicing and the staff confirmed, finally to an electronic screen scanning frame drop down the confirmation code, can complete the payment process. Reporter experience down, buy small items 1 ~ 3 process soon, less than 1 minute, but more is the process if the purchased items or not too convenient. Experience the supermarket APP payment: is there a supermarket also hope to be able to increase the viscosity with customers, let the customer shopping process completed within your APP. Bofeng lotus let customers download the APP, for example, after the shopping bar code scanning the corresponding products, and then to pay by way of WeChat or unionpay. But supermarket buy things need to download a special APP for mobile phone memory, it is not the best cashier payment convenient self-service register mode experience: less queuing time square, is the most convenient self-service checkout just in the supermarket cashier area on the self-service register, consumers will goods qr code on the self-service register scanning area, the screen will show the information, the goods have finished all the goods of barcode scanning, can be on their own when confirmed your credit card to leave. In this scenario, the consumer itself ACTS as the role of the cashier, basic don't have to queue, and because the self-service register to get consumers to use self-service checkout queue times can also save the check-out, the queuing time is greatly reduced, supermarket cashier check efficiency is improved, the waiter will also improve service efficiency.
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