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The use of the theater self-service ticket machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Dear fans, to collect the tickets are many movie theater, verification code trouble and distress? Ever cinema tickets are set ticket Windows make unified service for the customer, not reasonable to on-site ticketing and distinguish the Internet booking the tickets customers, caused the low efficiency of the ticket, the customer waiting time long phenomenon, largely affect the mood of the customers to watch. To reduce the number of customers in line so cinema hotspots, self-service ticket machine is installed the cinemas, theaters self-service ticket machine is now login studios, let our viewing activities more fast and more convenient. The cinema self-service ticket machine is the use of is what? Online seat selection steps: WeChat click a button to choose a to buy tickets, the drop-down at the bottom to the film - films - select the multiplex ( Choose) - events, time, choose the ticket - number to submit orders, pay - captcha - cinema hall self-service ticket machine is collect the tickets. Or: one, download movies APP 2, each session tickets: 15 minutes in advance into the interface, click the main menu cinema -> select studios ( Choose) -> options -> options -> time game tickets to select seats, submit orders to enter the phone number, choose to confirm the payment, the payment terms for verification code. Three, to the multiplex with you please collect the tickets after verification code to the self-service ticket machine is 20 minutes to collect the tickets in advance or collect the tickets at the front desk now customers viewing can be done by cinema self-service ticket machine is collect the tickets, don't have to wait at ticket office unified service personnel to deal with. Through online booking, in theaters self-service ticket machine scanning authentication code can get into the movie tickets, is simple and convenient, greatly shorten the time used in the previous ticket, to make the customer can be physical and mental pleasure to enjoy the wonderful film. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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