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The vending machine small programs mall solution

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
Small program now into all walks of life, the vending machine now has went into the streets. If this combination, will bring the user? Build a vending machine convenient small program, can be easy to find the appropriate goods and regional location. Why did you choose small program? Developed a vending machine small program, has two advantages: 1, the small program and code can be opened, users need to download the APP; 2, small program entrance now rich, convenient communication, forwarding group, public, drainage, sweep, etc can all share. Positioning, functional solution 1, 2 LBS users in open WeChat small program, needs to locate the user's location, easy to find the attachment of the vending machine; 2, goods API interface vending machine manufacturers generally provide a commodity management to operators and machine management system. Small program to read the system database data of different machines with different commodities, to facilitate users search. Example: users need to buy a bottle of coke, find the attachment of vending machine, went after the vending machine is out of stock, cause bad user experience. 3, vending machine positioning API small program to read each vending machine positioning, making it easy for users to find near the vending machine. This information as above. The above is a vending machine find classes small application solutions. A simple small program application, but has greatly helped the vending machine to the user. Small program, as it were, is for the convenience of the user, any products can be combined with small program to use.
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