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Theaters cinemas leading role to be reckoned with self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
With the increase of information construction steps, constantly improve the service efficiency of various industries demand, so it is with the theater. In order to better meet the needs of the consumers, installed in cinema theaters self-service terminals. Cinema self-service terminals for the theater, has extremely important significance, cinema self-help to sell the tickets terminals and beautiful fashion, the atmosphere novel and beautiful, reasonable design, accord with human body engineering science, is a concentration of safety, reliability, ease of use for the integration of cinema kiosk, it for the work of cinema operation management has played an important role. 1. Super large screen for advertising is no longer a single rigid compared to most of the self-service machine have no or only a fixed advertising screen, cinemas, self-service terminal advertising function is very powerful. Cinema self-service terminals of super large screen can be divided into three pieces of advertising area, but also support the split screen Settings, namely the three pieces of advertising area can be divided into more screen, let cinema can be reasonable advertising arrangement according to the actual needs. In addition, the theater self-service terminals have a complete set screening function, the number of different advertising, such as time, alternating frequency, change the node can be set freely, make advertisement farewell single rigid, but also save a lot of manpower, to avoid unnecessary mistakes. 2. Humanized design sets up the cinema theater brand image self-service terminals perfect and implement the humanized design concept, not in proportion to the size to fully consider the proportion of the body shape, scope and conducive to lay outside factors such as theaters cinemas self-service terminals of the overall appearance, the respect such as colour collocation also is to conform to the aesthetic standard, the principle of audience psychological characteristics such as conditions for design. Cinema of self-service terminal was, therefore, not only can add a beautiful beautiful scenery line for cinema, set a good brand image, and conducive to theaters to improve core competitiveness of the cinema. 3. A theater terminal support multi-channel collect the tickets cinema self service terminal with technology powerful wisdom tourism platform support, in addition to supporting cinema's official website, the official number of App, WeChat public theater has its own ticket channels to collect the tickets, but also with all the major third party ticket data docking platform, for all the audience in third party ticket platform ticket ticket service. Install a cinema self-service terminals can solve the problem of all tickets online audience collect the tickets, do not need to install any third party ticket platform ticket machine, both from the self-service terminals installed too many different platforms cinemas trouble, also conducive to cinema for unified management. 4. Multi-function support deepening cinema member system deepening cinema member system is a big cinema self-service terminals. Cinema self-service terminals support almost all mainstream top-up, cinema member are to be paid by bank card, WeChat, pay treasure to a variety of ways, such as self-service terminals in cinemas on member prepaid phone, very convenient. Besides, cinema self-service terminals provide the function of wifi, consumers as long as the App download cinemas can enjoy free wifi service, the service can not only attract more consumers into the cinema, at the same time can be a part of member of potential consumers into theaters. The advantages of self-service terminals for cinema is introduced here today for everyone to share, because for each moviegoers, attract is not only the excellence of the film, they walked into the cinema lies in the cinema can offer them more comfortable degree of customer experience, the use of self service sell the ticket machine, just make up for the most theaters service, fundamentally improving customer experience, thus improve the cinema turnover. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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