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There is no restaurant which features?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
No one of the most trendy restaurant meal pattern, since the emergence of the concept of landing operations are all we have been focused on. No one restaurant is using a lot of intelligent technology integration is now no one restaurant system, can guarantee the customer's normal dining service. Many friends concern there is no restaurant, no one want to know about the restaurant's characteristic is what? Today the author take you to get to know it. In fact, no one restaurant features still has a lot of. First no one restaurant USES are some smart devices, so no one is one of the characteristics. You can experience the full unmanned for buffet intelligent mode, the customer's demand are eating in order is self-service machine there after feedback to the kitchen printer. Customers take food and food production schedule are snarling screens and intelligence in cupboard joint to provide guarantee, the entire environment. In addition to the one big characteristic of unmanned, is also one of the features of intelligent process. Face recognition from customers in the door screen and intelligent entrance guard, to have dinner and settlement are intelligent process. The whole process of no one to the design of the restaurant from the door, order, take food, dining, go out of the whole intelligent layout. Respectively with the matching is face recognition screen, intelligent entrance guard system, self service order machine, intelligent sideboard, intelligent entrance guard system. No one restaurant features in addition to unmanned and intelligent process, the whole store operating rate is faster, line up the scene appeared low probability is also one of the characteristics. No one restaurant features and there are many, you can go to experience personally.
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