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Those characteristics of the self-service ticketing system

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Nowadays, more and more high-tech products have entered our daily lives. Among them, there are many self-service products, which bring great convenience and speed to our lives. When it comes to self-service products, we have to say self-service ticketing. System, it provides a lot of convenience for our lives, so do you know its characteristics, know how to benefit from its advantages to facilitate your life? Picture: The self-service ticketing system first is the query function of the device. We can check the remaining ticket quantity and the price during the purchase date on the device, and the related situation of the shift, such as querying the car number of the car you want to make today Tickets, how much is it, and what time is the departure time. Then there is the function of buying tickets. After we find the tickets we need on the self-service ticketing system, we choose the number of tickets and so on to purchase, and then pay. Cash transactions and UnionPay card payment are supported. , And then you can get the tickets you need, which is very convenient. In addition, when it comes to the convenience that the self-service ticketing system brings to us, we cannot miss its online ticketing function. It can support online ticket purchases and then pick up tickets on the ticketing system, which saves us a lot of time.
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