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To save the operating cost of the scenic spot, you only need one scenic ticketing system

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
The epidemic has broken out this year. As far as the most impacted industry is concerned, the tourism industry must be on the list. Major scenic spots all over the world are in trouble. Save operating costs. There are many ways to save operating costs. The easiest one is to introduce a scenic ticketing system. Picture: Scenic area ticket collection system The scenic area ticket collection system adopts fully automated operation, without personnel on duty. Tourists can collect and purchase tickets by themselves. The ticket collection supports QR code, verification code, mobile phone number, etc. In this way, the self-service machine automatically prints the tickets so that tourists can quickly get the tickets; and if it is also very convenient to buy tickets, tourists can directly query and choose on the ticketing system of the scenic spot, click on the appropriate ticket information and then pay online. There are also many payment methods, including WeChat, UnionPay cards, Alipay, etc., which are in line with the payment habits of most people. With the scenic area ticket collection system, manual ticket sales can be opened less or cancelled. A scenic area ticket collection system can even be more efficient for multiple staff members without paying wages. This is not a festival. Is it a good way to stream? This method also greatly promotes the construction of smart scenic spots!
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