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top library kiosk system supplier in book store

top library kiosk system supplier in book store

top library kiosk system supplier in book store
  • top library kiosk system supplier in book store
  • top library kiosk system supplier in book store
  • top library kiosk system supplier in book store
  • top library kiosk system supplier in book store

top library kiosk system supplier in book store

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Quantity Needed:

1Industrial PCIndustrial PCPCBaytrail; Integrated Network card and Graphic card
CPUIntel J1900
Connector8*USB, 6*COM, 1*VGA, 2*LAN,1*AUDIO, 1*LPT, 1*PS/2
PC Supplyllano(12V5A)
Windows 7 (without license)
3MonitorAuoSize15.6 inch
Life timeMin. 40000hrs
4Touch screen EGScreen size15.6 inch
Touch pointMulti finger
Min. Reprot100points /second
Oscillation frequency12MHz
5RFID card reader/ID card reader
7CameraC310pixel countMore than 5,000,000
Camera resolution1280 x 720
DefinitionHigh definition
Built-in microphoneYes
Maximum number of frames30 frames/ second frames
Frequency range50Hz to 60Hz
Output overcurrent protection110~130%
Operating temperature. humidity‐10 + 50,20~90%RH
9 Loudspeaker OP‐100Dual channel amplifier speaker stereo, 8 Ω 5 w.
10CabinetHZSizeAccording to actual function and effect drawing, accord with ergonomics
ColorCustomer can choose the color according to the aesthetic requirement
1.The material of the outer metal cabinet is a durable cold-rolled steel frame
2. The design is beautiful and generous, easy to install and operate.Moistureproof, Antirust, acid proof, dustproof, static electricity;
3.The logo is based on the customer's requirements.
11AccessoriesSecurity lock, tray, easy maintenance, 2 fan, line LAN port;Power sockets, relays, USB ports, cables, screws, etc.
12Packaging Bubble foam and carton safety packaging

Product features

※  Innovative & smart design, elegant looking, anti-corrosion power coating

※  Ergonomically and compact structure, user friendly, easy for maintenance

※  Anti-vandalism, dust-proof, high safety performance

※  Rugged steel frame and overtime running, high precision, high stability & reliability

※  Cost-effective, customer-oriented design, the applicable environmental

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Product details

top library kiosk system supplier in book store-2
Not only can library users easily borrow, return, and renew items at our self-service stations, but they can discover events and programs, receive reading recommendations, and pay fines and fees. Users can also borrow items from their smartphones, receive interactive receipts, switch between multiple virtual library cards, and discover digital titles at the selfCheck and within the cloudLibrary app. This truly integrated approach delivers an experience today’s users come to expect.
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Users can use self-service machines to take out and return their own books, meaning that councils can

(a) save on staff costs (eg. Portsmouth, 8 librarian jobs being cut but wages saved will mean longer opening hours)

(b) reallocate staff elsewhere (“Automation will free up library staff from a routine and time-consuming task. Staff can then “engage fully with customers requiring a more in-depth response which is a major step forward for the service. Hongzhou believe that self-service means that the can reduce staffing by one-half or one members of staff per library, depending on its size.

(c) less queues when done well.

Self-serve kiosks in libraries gained ground with a number of successful installations, as library visitors took to checking-in and checking-out their own books, DVDs, CDs and other items.

Offering the service use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, pasting a "tag" in the item to identify and track it. The tags have antennas that communicate with reading devices at entrances and exits of the library.

Libraries install the RFID systems to make the checkout process simpler and faster, and to free up staff to provide other customers services. Proponents say RFID also provides better tracking and security of library items.

To check out an item the consumer waves the book near a device that reads the information on the tag. This records the data and prints out for the patron a paper listing of the items and due dates. The information is also stored on a library database, and reminders can be sent to patrons that provide email addresses.

The tags will signal the reader if the patron attempts to remove a book without checking it through the system. The reader then alerts librarians with a loud signal.

Patrons returning items wave the book under a reader that confirms it is back in the collection.

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Compared to others, self service library systems have longer service life for library kiosk system material. Made of Zinc Alloy, the body of this product is prone to breaks or cracks
With its innovative design, self service library systems is of positive significance to library kiosk system field. The product has a short circuit and low voltage protection
The material of library kiosk system can be recycled for second use. This product has been certified under CE, FCC, RoHS, TPD, etc
Selecting high quality of library kiosk system materials, self service library systems is healthy to be used. The airflow of this product is adjustable to cater to different needs
library kiosk system takes the advantages of library kiosk system. Its U-shaped airflow design ensures users to get the most flavor out
This product comes with moisture and mold resistance, making it ideal for these high humidity areas by reducing the effect of water on the surfaces. Its microchip integrates auto temperature control and power-saving function
The product features an efficient retractable mechanism. The top and bottom rail of each panel incorporate an extruded aluminum mechanical seal to withstand the retracted or extended mode. The airflow of this product is adjustable to cater to different needs
The product is environmental-friendly. Any heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium have been eliminated, and the ingredients of them do not exceed 0.0001%. The airflow of this product is adjustable to cater to different needs
The product can run under extreme conditions. All the electric components and the electrode leader have been tested for voltage resistance and insulation performance. Its U-shaped airflow design prevents the build-up of residue
The product is durable in use. The use and abuse testing of this product are available to verify that it can be used for a long time. Its pod cartridge is replaceable and refillable
The product has excellent soundproofing performance. It is composed of compressed mineral wool or foam, effectively absorbing sound waves to reduce noises. It has an LED light indicator with different colors to display the amount of battery
Through effective process operation, Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltd timely provides professional products/services. With a standard micro-USB port, the product is easy to charge
For many years, Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltd has insisted that quality is the first productive force. This product can produce massive clouds and intense flavor
Aided by professional team, the service of Hongzhou is well-known in self service library systems industry. The airflow of this product is adjustable to cater to different needs
Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltd has won the trust of its partners in library kiosk system industry. Its pod cartridge is replaceable and refillable
Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltd holds the tenet of 'customer is God', communicates with customers and serves customers! The product has an ergonomic design with proper dimension
If any complaints for our library kiosk system, we will deal with it immediately. It will vibrate three times when users inhale exceeds 8s
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