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Transformation and upgrading of traditional food, how?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
This is one of the best s and s the worst! In a traditional restaurant industry has struggled in such a situation: transformation like to die, don't transition is waiting for death. The birth of a new meal times, and in such a batch of 'barbarians', they are not in the CARDS, traditional food called them for' new restaurant. New restaurant have core resources and technical ability, they will explore new business model, they stared at the future economic cycle to the next ten years ahead of innovation. In the era of the new restaurant, for example, their application - intelligent, science and technology equipment Self-help order machine used in restaurant, not only to promote the class restaurant also improve customer order experience! Its magic lies in the specialty of the restaurant and collocation of quotation, package will be perfect in self-service order screen display, customers can slide along the touch screen finger tip, can independently order, order, and self-help order to make the customer a sense of urgency rather than bring customers not only experience of pleasure. But a self-help order machine is don't have to hold up the intelligent operation of the restaurant, behind supporting the intelligent order system, it effectively use self-help order machine, snarling screen, self-help take food such as hardware, dining-room front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, from the self-help order to growl and self-help meal, full digital automatic transmission, promote the intelligent dining experience! And member of the marketing management system, make 'new' 'old man'! In the food industry, repeat business is very important. In affiliate marketing, customer after order machine order consumption can focus on WeChat public business, merchants can carry out marketing activities; WeChat ID member center, can realize the member registration, top-up and integral; At the same time WeChat ID is also in the process of the order and delivery platform entrance. It meets the drainage of low cost, high efficiency conversion of merchants demand.
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