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Visual clearing machine | camera to identify items of new technology

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
With the development of intelligent AI technology, in the catering industry is also did a lot of benefits. Catering industry before the settlement of a difficult problem is solved, is no longer rely on human settlement is given priority to, give businesses more choice. Actually, in the food industry to replace human settlement products are visual settlement, namely everybody says camera to identify items of new technology products. Today the author to introduce the visual settlement stage play an important role in the catering industry, to help businesses share the pressure. Traditional restaurants are almost all rely on manpower to complete establishments of all process, the efficiency is very low. Now the restaurant will use more intelligent equipment to replace artificial, speed up the efficiency. Visual settlement is one of the representative, the use of visual and settlement stage can accelerate to restaurants. Ever in a small bowl of this type of restaurants will be long lines, customers often complain. Merchants are very upset, very difficult to achieve personnel maximum utilization. So now appears in the cafe visual settlement services, to help customers quickly complete settlement. Visual and settlement of AI intelligent recognition technology can be used to quickly identify food, then according to the clerk in advance, comparing the entry of food prices, food pictures finally complete the calculation. The process seems complicated, but the visual fastest settlement platform can complete it only takes 2 seconds. Visual units to the settlement of efficient work brought food and beverage industry to improve, improve the restaurant's turnover rate, provide customers with more quality services. Settlement of brings to the food industry to improve the vision at the same time, also formed the use of a wide range of food and beverage industry, especially in a small bowl of food this kind of order types of establishments. About camera to identify food product introduction of the new technology got here today. If your friend would also like to know more related content, please visit the official website to understand.
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