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Visual settlement units and human settlement which is better?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Now catering industry settlement is mainly rely on human settlement to complete, but human settlement is slow, error-prone problem will happen very often. And visual settlement platform also are being used in the food industry has started, so relative to the mainstream of human settlement, settlement and visual artificial settlement which is better? Today, the author find out. 1, settlement speed, far more than human settlement in our daily order, human settlement of settlement speed slow, very easy to cause long queues. Especially in the rice point, this kind of situation. But vision and settlement of settlement speed is very fast, since customers put dishes in the settlement area, from settlement of machine vision recognition to the payment process can achieve the fastest for 2 seconds. It is difficult to achieve by artificial speed and visual clearing the recognition accuracy is above 99%. 2, low operating costs in the food industry, artificial operation cost has been the people issues of concern. Human settlement of the cost is relatively high, and the visual and settlement of the operation cost is low. So use visual clearing machine to replace human settlement can save a lot of operating costs, visual and settlement stage, after all, the price of only several thousand, and human settlement costs a nearly come to the 50000 or so. 3, good data services in addition to this, visual and settlement platform has the advantage of a human settlement does not have. It is visual settlement can use the saved data, the amount of food and consumer subsidiary has a clear analysis. Businesses will be able to see the restaurant through visual and settlement stage background, under the condition of convenience stores do food inventory for a change. There is more data, an activity adjustment of food, food price adjustment or activity. So visual and settlement stage or is much bigger than the advantage of human settlement, no matter from the settlement, or from other operating costs, data, information service and so on are far better than that of human settlement. After all, the function of the human settlement only settlement, but visual settlement service platform can provide more function.
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