Want to improve viewing audience satisfaction? Cinema self-help terminal system become the preferred!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
As consumer daily entertainment diversification, to the cinema as a way to relax, which have also become one of the people's choices. But in the theater business, often appear due to the reason of the film, the audience or due to poor service reason to complain and complaints. These consumers satisfaction is mainly embodied in the following several aspects: 1, the ticket information access to limited and insufficient, often in viewing the customer need to read the message repeatedly rear can clear how to buy tickets; 2, personnel quality is uneven, customer satisfaction cannot remain stable, sustained high; 3, accent, often spend a lot of time and can't get accurate information; 4, the ticket personnel increase lead to excessive labor costs increase, and increase the income of enterprise goals contradict each other; 5, when poor staff attitude, prone to conflict, the serious social effects on the theatre; 6, viewing the rush hour, due to the ticket window is limited, viewing customers waiting to buy tickets for too long, will produce extreme fatigue and boredom; So effective prevention, timely and properly handle the audience complaints, have very important influence on theater operations. And cinema self-help terminal system because its have video scheduling, movie tickets, selling product sales statistics, report forms, voice, and the Internet, telephone ticketing, and other functions, can promote cinema franchising management, help sales staff to improve work efficiency, great convenience to the related data of cinema management, input, output, monitor work such as complicated operation, shape of cinema ticket data can, visualizations, and rationalization. , China's well-known kiosks solutions provider, with forward thinking and leading technology always walk in the industry development frontier, for different countries or regions in the world provide customers tailored self-service terminal solution. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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