What about FOB of ticket dispenser kiosk ?
How large is the order quantity? Where is the destination? You may contact Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltdfirst; maybe the price can also be "customized". Under FOB, we arrange for the transport of goods to a designated port or other point of origin. Once ticket dispenser kiosk is released to you and when the goods are onboard the ship, the delivery is considered accomplished. Pricing is just a start of our services. Any problems after the delivery will be solved.

Hongzhou is a leading global provider of hospital kiosk. The snack machine series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The modern manufacture technology guarantees the production of Hongzhou employee information kiosk. The product features a sleek and durable enclosure, providing a contemporary and sophisticated user interface. The product has passed through the extremely harsh quality control and inspection on a basis of quality control plan. This plan is strictly carried out to ensure the high quality of the product. The product is well suited to high-profile environments such as airport, hospital, and library.

The goal of our company is to become a leading soda vending machine exporter at home and abroad. Contact us!
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