What are some of the characteristics of no restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Now no one restaurant is already starting to appear in many cities, although the layout is very few, but also slowly began to be known as. In fact many people ask me, no one restaurant what is the distinguishing feature of this problem, so I can tell you something about no one restaurant features. 1, unmanned, whole journey actually heard no one buffet restaurant may feel very terrible, but they also want to know the nature of the unmanned restaurant or restaurant, mainly in order to guarantee the customer's normal meal. There is no restaurant in guarantee under this requirement, the biggest characteristic is none, the whole is buffet. Since the door is sweep yards or facial recognition that take the door, and then to the door of the order is completed, the last to self-service register to complete the payment. Down the whole process is very simple, the whole process is done for self service. 2, speed is quick, don't have to line up in restaurant and a characteristic is the basic need not line up, and the whole dining is very fast. Because in our order and checkout process, all of our self-service complete, so the basic does not have the lines. Are in and the customer and machine interaction, procedures are established, there would be no other things. Is that no one restaurant two authors think that the biggest characteristic, is the perfect fusion of technology development to today, just let us to experience that nobody can self service dining new experiences.
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