What are the advantages of restaurant use self-help order system?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Today, self service order system model has been further major restaurants, became a considerable potential shares. But some traditional restaurants don't understand what is a self-service order system, I did not understand the usefulness of self-help order system of restaurant, now the author how to introduce the next restaurant combined self-service order system model? In our science and technology, for example, effective use of self-help intelligent ordering system order machine, snarling screen, self-help take food such as hardware, dining-room front-end hardware and software, the kitchen a perfect fusion of online system and implement integrated intelligent management of the dining room. Ordering a meal in a restaurant and management efficiency, and at the same time improve the whole order customer experience with class restaurant. What is the specific operation? First order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, let dining-room achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room process. Order, the customer order through the self-help order machine, choose good dishes, customers can through the WeChat/pay treasure payment can complete the order. At this time, the customers will order dishes automatically assigned kitchen, a clerk at the front desk, running back and forth between kitchen and customers, order the order process can improve the customer experience; The human cost reduce restaurant. Function, self-help point tableware with affiliate marketing mode function, user code after the payment, it has become a member of the restaurant. Customers in the consumer attention after the businessman WeChat public and became the member of the restaurant, a member of the center on WeChat ID, can realize the member registration, top-up and integral; Merchants can be set up in the background operations in advance good coupons, a series of marketing measures, such as holiday promotion can achieve well never leave home to do online marketing members, also can realize secondary consumption, draw back.
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