What are the bank self-help terminal purposes

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Bank self-help terminal can call again: bank self-service query terminals, terminal, etc. Self-service terminals is mainly in order to alleviate people self-help bank to handle the speed of the business. Bank self-help terminal USES: 1, the balance of cash, cash deposits, cash deposit and withdrawal, query, or bank transfer, the basic function such as change the password, also provides some multi-functional self-service terminal such as passbook printing, print statements, check deposits, envelope, capture expends, top-up and a series of convenient services. 2, bank self-service terminals can reduce the operating cost in the bank. Pay as you all know, banking is very high, and according to incomplete statistics, a bank self-service terminals of each year to provide financial services in far over cabinet provides services in a year, whereas bank self-help terminal cost is only 1/20 of the teller. 3, provide value-added services. Many banking self-service terminals can be connected with the third party system, complete functions, such as pay utilities, telecom, which has greatly helped the needs of the masses, bank self-help terminal extension of the bank service time effectively, Banks are usually have a fixed work time, work at bank branches, bank self-service terminals can effectively extend the business hours, to provide effective financial services customer service. Information has been adhering to the 'pursuit of excellence, innovation' of the system design idea, take all kinds of IT and the integration of automation technology, electronic technology has been for more than 30 countries and regions of the world's customer provides the high quality intelligent self-service terminals and solutions. Self-service system such as bank self-service system, medical and movie theaters buffet, drinks sold the tickets system master a series of various types of high-end sales system, carbon powder family series of various types of self-help recycling system, self-service system of social security, taxation, 24-hour self-help library self-service system, etc. At present, the company business has covered the financial, medical, social security, taxation, environmental protection, transportation, tourism, hotels, education, business applications and other fields.
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