What are the benefits of self-service ordering system for restaurant?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Now go out to eat or go shopping, can feel the science and technology bring us convenient, slowly changed the concept of life. In the food industry, the rapid development of intelligent technology but also reflect incisively and vividly. Especially catering self-help order machine, efficient and convenient way of ordering, improving the customer order experience, labor costs and reduce the restaurant. So, its operating principle is what? In smart restaurants, self service order opportunity to transmit data to the catering area automatically, by catering division after single catering to the area. Customers take food or by the service personnel directly to the customer table. Quick order, payment, catering, room process, reduce the waiter workload, and was relieved from his customers queuing phenomenon. On the function it has these features: 1. order function: software system to complete self-service order function. 2. Third-party payment functions: buffet menu WeChat brush, alipay, face, etc. 3. Print function: print buffet single, print business credentials to 5. Automatic switch machine self-help features: can be customized. 4. Advertising function: circulation broadcast advertising, online headquarters consistent background, chain. To the restaurant and the benefits of customers are: 1: save human artificial order, into a customer in self-service meal order machine, customer before ordering screens self-service query items, order payment information, all without service operation. In the customer enjoy fast service at the same time, also save 30% on human resources for restaurants 50%. 2: increase sales and brand image restaurant use self service order machine order, can attract customers a better experience, improve traffic and popularity, customer self-service order appeared, kitchen real-time order status, can greatly shorten order moment and serving time, improving the turn over rate; Other members can be directly on the cell phone number WeChat public query member discount information, add member activity! 3: improving service self service order system can both be eradicate man-made fault single, leakage phenomenon, and can shorten the customer waiting time, also can let customers know the member information and enjoy member benefits; Can use service system, enjoy the entire intelligent perfect experience. 4: operation cost reduce powerful self-help order system, changed the traditional order mode, saves the funds investment; Through data can effectively reduce consumption, reduce operating costs.
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