What are the kinds of self-service terminal?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
In recent years, in our life can be seen everywhere the form of self-service terminal, it is the product in a completely automated equipment, which means that it can finish the work on its own strength. And, very important, it's work time is very long, it may be said is all year round, and every day is 24 hours a week. If the self-service machine is out of order, of course, it won't work, so this kind of situation is to rule out. At the same time, the kinds of self-service terminal is very much, and it also is the application scope of all over the world. So, what are the kinds of self-service terminal? Next, the author of the information technology to analyses. 1, the financial sector: ATM, automatic payment machine, self-help, self-help book for boarding card machine, etc. By banking self-service terminals can be transfer, inquiry, purchase non-cash businesses such as financial products. 2, public service: an AFC, self-service library service machine, tax self-service terminals, etc. 3, consumer retail categories: vending machine, self-help, self-help tanker order machine, etc. 4, the medical service class: self service registered machine, self service take single, self-help registration payment machine, etc. Can protect the patients privacy, put an end to the wrong inspection sheet, effectively solve the problem of inspection report cumulative and lost. In a nutshell, kiosks to people's life and work has brought endless convenience. In litigation, the emergence of self-service terminals brought very many benefits to people, and also there is no limit to the scope of its application, which means that it has a very wide range of applications, but also throughout the earth. Secondly, the advantages of self-service terminal is very much, but its the biggest characteristic is can realize 24-hour work, and in the case of no fault, it can be done all year round. In addition, the type is also quite a lot. Finally, you can log in the information technology website - — LIEN, consulting or buy high-quality self-service terminals for more details.
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