What are the self-service terminal function and advantage?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
What are the self-service terminal function and advantage? As time goes on, the continuous development of science and technology, people's needs are constantly changing. Look from the experience, high quality service means friendly. Self-service terminal with the technological advantages and understanding of customer's own needs, to provide customers with efficient experience a strategy of adding self-service. The following is the self-service kiosks show summary for everyone and advantages, for your reference. What are the self-service terminal? Self-service terminal is mainly used to alleviate the problem of large business hall flow, improve the speed of business to deal with, is mainly used in banking, telecom, electric power, medical, aviation, retail and other industries. Self-service terminal based on 'self service 24 hours a day' is the system design idea, can alleviate the traditional puts forward the problems of the traffic was too much make up for the lack of original business hours, to avoid the trouble of customers in the business hall to handle business, make customers feel easy, convenient and considerate service. Business hall self-service terminal is extension and complement of brokerage services. Accounts in financial industry users can query, self service transfer, print statements, repair, self service report the loss of business is dealt with; In the communications industry users self-service through terminal input telephone number, can deal with mobile phone stopped ( After) Machine, as bills query print, payment, invoice printing, caller id, GPRS and other basic business park is dealt with; Can also buy mobile phone card, password top-up slip. Value-added development, also can form a complete set of equipment purchase for their goods and other value-added services. This equipment has the save personnel expenses, reduce the operating cost, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation etc, can be placed in the telecommunications business hall, and collection charges, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls and other public places. Self-service terminal 1, what are the advantages to attract more customers, through self-service terminals self-service function not only can improve the efficiency of the customer, is likely to attract more customers to consume. 2, to meet customer demand, customers need them, are the benefits of self-service consumers like self-service checkout efficient payment process, and most people want to experience more self-service. Through the self-service terminal self-service meet the different needs of customers. 3, reduce customer wait time: waiting in line for retail customers is a negative experience, wait for a long time, the less customer satisfaction. Through self-service terminals can never satisfied to customer satisfaction.
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