What are the self-service ticketing terminal function

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Station as a stream of people is very large, especially in some holidays, is very hot, in the past can only artificial ticket, buy a ticket is really difficult, with the rapid development of The Times in recent years, the station buffet was born to sell the tickets terminal and easily solve the problem of the sale of the tickets, for some not so understand the station buffet for friends to sell the tickets terminals, unclear self-service ticket machine is what function, information today to explain the station buffet to sell what functions can collect the tickets terminals. 1, can collect the tickets purchased tickets collect the tickets as a basic function, affirmation is necessary, the user can according to their own requirements, to complete the ticket. 2, can use station special magnetic card prepaid phone support reading self-help to sell the tickets terminal station special magnetic card, can be on the buffet to sell the tickets for prepaid phone. 3, read the unionpay card, IC card, id card and other station kiosks support read unionpay card, IC card, id card and other CARDS. 4, unionpay card, alipay, WeChat, cash and other a lot of payment payment self-service terminals, the current popular pay treasure payment, WeChat, unionpay card payment, cash payments, user can choose according to their own actual situation for corresponding operation. 5, back-up power support back-up power is the power of the built-in functions in the self-service terminal, but in the case of sudden power outages automatic conversion to back-up power, users don't need to worry about because of sudden power outages caused by 6, can print your ticket and certificate when we finish the ticket after operation, select print tickets, self-help will receive tickets sale terminal directly to the tickets printed out, from the hole, if choose not to print, ticket can pick it up at any time, for some need certificate friend can choose print certificate, you can print out the corresponding trading slip. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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