What are the types of self-service terminal according to the feature points?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
In recent years in our country the amount and type of automation equipment is more scary, and automation products listed soon already got the favour of the broad masses of people with love. Automation equipment products are actually have so much charm, precisely because it does not require human cost, at the same time, work efficiency is very high. At present all over the world and a wide range of automation equipment is the self-service terminal equipment, because it has a unique advantage, the so-called work all year round. In addition, the types of it very much, and their respective function is also different. So, self-service terminals according to the function points, what type? Next, the author of the information technology for everybody. Self-service terminal according to the function can be divided into five categories, respectively, as shown below. 1, self-help prepaid phone terminal: used for prepaid phone, common is China mobile, China unicom and other telecommunications equipment company. 2, self service gets to: refers to the query function and other related information of self-service terminals. 3, self service pay terminal: for the payment of self-service terminal function. 4, self-service terminal printing: used for printing function of self-service terminals, such as we saw in the railway station to print tickets self-service terminals is also one of them. 5, self-service ticket machine: the self-service ticket machine system controlled by microcomputer, powerful, flexible, high stability, with functions of two dimensional barcode printing and activation, etc. In v, the current automation equipment products have occupied the whole market part of the territory, especially the self-service terminals. Because it not only has a large quantity, at the same time, there are quite a lot of kinds, more importantly, its distribution range is very wide. Secondly, self-service terminals sort is more, and also there are several classified methods, but mainly is divided according to its function is different. Finally, if you want to buy high quality a self-service terminals or consulting more kiosks payment machine details, so excellent information technology ( LIEN) Is your first choice.
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