What is a medical self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Hospital is our biggest medical institutions, there are essential significance for our life, but also because of this, many people are queuing to delay the best treatment time, and this is the most headache thing in hospital, but also occurs in the medical self-service terminals, so we have to get to know what is under medical self-service terminals: medical self-service terminals is specially tailored for hospitals, institutions of a product, it not only can effectively solve the problem such as hospitals and other places long queues, save the time of patients. But also can fully meet the hospital self service medical card issuing, prepaid phone, registration, payment, query and invoice, slip printing requirements, make the hospital office efficiency and in people's impression of the heart can be improved effectively. Medical self-service terminal operation is very simple and humanization, because it can display and navigation step by step with voice prompt, very easy to operate. Strong and its security, adopts the three metal 3 des encryption password keyboard, the people's bank card center certification, the second generation card reader ( The Ministry of Public Security certification) And so on, can effectively protect the safety of your usage. In addition, medical self-service terminals can effectively realize self service paper print, self-help report print, self service hospitalization expense list printing requirements, fundamentally improve the medical quality and efficiency, and completely avoid the repeated collection, patient medical information security issues such as waiting in line for a long time and capital. And medical self-service terminals can also provide unionpay card transfer services for patients, eliminates the disadvantages of patients carrying large amounts of cash, not only improve the safety of the patients with money, also facilitate the management of the hospital. That is about what is medical treatment self-service terminal is introduced.
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