What is the distinguishing feature of self-service terminal?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
Self-service terminals, self-service terminals have cinemas bank self-service terminals, self-service terminals, self-service terminal bus station of the scenic spot, to say the self-help terminal has already entered into every area of our lives, also get the love of people, so what is the distinguishing feature of self-service terminal? The characteristics of self-service terminal: 1. Operation simple and convenient: self-service terminals on the touch screen with vivid multimedia graphics animation, text and voice prompt, make customer can be simple, intuitive operation. 2. Self-service terminal well-presented, self-service terminal machine integration, modular design, compact structure, accord with human body engineering, enables customers to comfortable and convenient to operate and use. 3. The inside of the self-service terminal data storage safe, reliable, and provide statistical function chart, for the administrator to provide convenient real data analysis and statistics. 4. Powerful query function, to ensure the flexibility of data query. 5. Information classification clear and accurate, and design simple, friendly interface, the beauty is generous. 6. Provide flexible and convenient permissions function, make the management of the whole system clear division of labor. 7. Powerful logging, logging terminal. 8. Self-service terminal at a time can be set in a remote control terminal automatic shutdown. By mentioned above we can see that the characteristics of self-service terminals very much, it is, therefore, self-service terminals can widely applied, but also get the favour of people. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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