What is the distinguishing feature of the scenic spot self-service ticketing system?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
As people's value of the entertainment leisure, every legal holidays and weekends will usher in a lot of scenic spot than in the past several times in the tourists, and in the face of this huge visitors crowd, scenic area to further enhance the level of scenic spot management services, provide more close to the tourists, convenient and efficient check-in, chose to use scenic spot self-service ticketing system to assist in the ticket. The self-service ticketing system is characteristic with which got the favour of the scenic spot? 1. True real-time online computer ticketing and automatic check-in work mode, ensure the data accurate and reliable, realize the management of the whole electronic; 2. One person one vote, let visitors pass order management and control. 3. Cancel the manual management and statistics, make the data more accurate, timely, make work efficiency are improved greatly. 4. Centralized management, real-time monitoring, distributed control. 5. Build complete electronic ticket management system, realize the computer real-time ticketing and check-in, summary, statistic, inquiry, report and monitor the ticketing comprehensive management work. 6. Put an end to financial statistical error, put an end to fraud. 7. All communication using TCP/IP model. 8. Support barcode tickets, tickets, tickets, CD postcard tickets for tickets for magnetic card, IC card, ID card tickets, mobile multimedia message service tickets for a variety of forms, such as flexible ticket class Settings and channel control, can satisfy all kinds of tickets for accounting and management mode of the application requirements; 9. Complete elimination of fake fake tickets, expired ticket to bring the huge economic loss. 10. Improve the management level and grade of the scenic spots, improve the service quality; Provide timely and accurate traffic data, in order to make the corresponding decisions. For the characteristics of scenic spot self-service ticketing system to share here, today scenic area is a self-service ticketing system based on computer network technology, modern communication technology, database technology and automatic control technology for the integration of high-tech modern management information system. Scenic spot self-service ticketing system with computer as the core, supported by the network, with automatic channel brake machine for terminal, the ticketing process implementation of electronic, automatic, networked computer integrated management system. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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