What type of self-service machine have? What are the self-service machine?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
The development of the society to drive the progress of science and technology, with the advent of the era of intelligence, self-service machine successfully, the appearance of the self-service machine, a good experience for the user at the same time, also help enterprises to save more cost and such a good product, of course, loved by users. A lot of friends in life there is no contact with several self-help machine, don't know what are the self-service machine type, information as a self-service terminal manufacturers, self-service machine has come to tell you about today what type, what are the self-service machine. 1, self-help order machine self-help order what we also met, has introduced in some restaurants, do a lot of convenience, the overall feel of the restaurant has improved a lot of, the user can choose in self-service order machine, choose good after submit, will be displayed on the host, very convenient. 2, shopping malls self-checkout machines the kiosks used or relatively less, but at present there are market introduction, save a lot of manpower material resources for mall. 3, self-service machine hospital self-service machine is the author think it is necessary to a machine, it should be clear, to go to the hospital, each time to line up, is really a brain broadly pain, all the formalities to line up, think about is enough, and with medical self-help machine, queuing problem basically does not exist, can be a very good efficiency. 4, self-service machine e-government self-service machine there are many kinds of types, such as: the immigration self-help machine, electricity self-help, self-help business license self-help machine, court, banking self-help machine, the public security files management self-service machine and so on, different departments, use the self-service machine is also different. 5, the scenic spot self-service machine mentioned the scenic area, a lot of people first think of is people mountain people sea, into the scenic spot, often will be queued up, and with the scenic spot self-help machine, the overall efficiency will be increased very much. 6 must have cinemas, theaters self-service machine self-help machine is needless to say, everyone should be useful, want to had no cinema self-help machine, go to the movies every time waiting in line to buy tickets, after a cinema self-service machine, line up, does not exist. 7, the self-service machine this would be much needless to say, has been for a long time, of course, many people now booking tickets at ordinary times is also directly on the phone, mostly just to self-service machine collect the tickets at the station. There will be other self-service machine 8, other self-help machine, such as self-help camera and so on various types of self-help, self-help printer machine. The appearance of the self-service machine, let we got great improvement in quality of life, in the fast pace of life, the emergence of self-service terminals, solved a lot of people queuing problems. Self-service machine procurement please contact: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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