Why all the customer after the meal the clerk immediately take menu? self-help

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Have a choice dyslexia friends went to a restaurant to eat a meal always meet such embarrassing: wondering what key points when you take a menu dishes, aside the waiter will be impatiently waiting for your order. Immediately after the meal, the menu is a waiter, to collect to add food, need to trouble the waiter took the menu! So the question comes, why a clerk in a hurry take meal card every time? The author summarizes the following reasons: 1, the number of menu menu is limited, this table the guest finished with it to the next table to order. 2, menus, production cost is high, defaced to reduce the risk of damage. 3, it is needless to say, when the table filled with food, the menu is very take a place. To sum up, the restaurant just use paper in our menu operation, the human cost and service quality all has the short board. Now, however, are applied in many restaurants catering - intelligent hardware - order machine, let his own restaurant upgrade for wisdom. Compared to traditional menu, use the self-service order machine advantages are the following: ( 1) When the restaurant dinner to meet peak, restaurant c enough sometimes want to host a few tables, means that customers have to wait their turn for a long time to order. And if the store installed self service order machine, customers can order in self-service machine click what you want on the touch screen, efficient and convenient ordering efficiency, reduce customer wait. ( 2) order machine can update. Meets the festival to launch promotional offer or special food, also need not artificial regeneration, as long as the back stage to modify the price setting, need to print a batch of meal card, an additional printing cost. Even in slack times can show every dish and the video and the restaurant's brand publicity, virtually can boost purchasing power, improve the user viscosity. ( 3) order system can be ordered, cashier, members, sales data, unified set in a machine, without the assistant respectively and booking orders, cashier, check card, save manpower, also can more efficient comprehensive coverage restaurant operations management needs.
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