Wisdom restaurant big data features for restaurant can assign

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Restaurant at the mention of wisdom, people would first think of self-help order machine, take food buffet ark, can send food and cooking robot. But in addition to these smart devices can be used in restaurant, restaurant wisdom also contain the changes in the macro. Such as the use of big data for restaurant location. Catering industry is the competition of industry, some restaurant failed stores opened only a few months, some restaurants are seen throughout the year, long lines. The author had seen in 2017, according to data from the 2017 restaurant revenue in 4 trillion, reach more than 600 stores, but only 20% of the restaurant to make money. Reports have pointed out that because of the location is not good reasons, led to the collapse of dining-room accounted for 70%, the authors look at the data after think this number is a bit exaggerated, but there's little doubt that, catering cruel and fierce market competition, in addition to their own business, the location is also very important. For instance in civil community market open restaurants in 200 per capita, less people to visit. It is clear that a good location in relation to business development. However, even if the position is good, can a better experience? It isn't, because even the same place, someone struggle, someone has done are flawed, need combined with the actual. In a suitable position to consider business orientation, distance decay, potential customer structure, competitive analysis, business and other factors. To set up shop location need to visit a lot of business circle in ever set up shop to complete the survey, now rely on the combination of intelligent hardware + software algorithm, can easily implement catering wisdom and chemical data collection and analysis. Ali cloud to haidilao restaurant such as intelligent location, for example. Ali cloud using AI technology, which range of how many people can make a list, the user can accept what price range, which users love to eat hot pot or banquet, can also be detailed to the customer when was the last time to eat hot pot and so on, make use of these data can provide more accurate and flexible basis for the restaurant location. Maybe you will doubt, these data sources on the basis of which is to come? Can from the following sources, such as delivery platform data can analysis around the user's preferences and diet structure, such as restaurants use self-help order machine again, ordering system can collect food and beverage data, the boss can rely on the data for analysis. Self-help order system, for example, customer himself before meal order machine, again WeChat/alipay payment; On WeChat order for take-out orders, the system can support chain store management and data report summary, convenient restaurant operators more easily scientific understanding of the restaurant operating and management. In the wisdom of catering, intelligent hardware to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, but a wise beyond the restaurant can do more for restaurants, through self-service order machine intelligent combination of hardware and catering software, such as fu for restaurants can, more competitive.
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