With smart sideboard, no longer waiting for take-out

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Offline and online O2O mode of '+' Internet age, it caters to a big cry, transformation of the enterprise. In the food industry, a new kind of intelligent - catering equipment - Smart sideboards arises at the historic moment. Intelligent front-end hardware and software can take cupboard and dining-room, the kitchen with the online system, customers can phone order ahead of time, the system automatically send text message to the user, the incoming data sideboard, customers with meal number ( Qr code) In the smart take meal ark take meal. And smart take food appearance effectively solve the problem of the following delivery distribution ark: generally in the periods of peak dining, customer order time will focus on the hotel, the business to the hotel's surge in orders for busy don't come here; Rice point, take-away member distribution problems ( Heavy traffic on the road, line remote and then spend time looking for complex, etc. ) ; Users wait for expected wireless stretched, affect the user experience; Order time is not reasonable, leading to the cancellation of the order, such as user bad review, platform relative to punish, points, foreign selling agent, smart take sideboards better solve these problems: 1. Don't put the order of time accumulation in rice, cause time service crowded; 2. Order ahead of time, take-away member within the time point in the region of order to delivery in advance, for thermal insulation is entered cupboard ( To prevent food cold, metamorphism, and so on and so forth) Differentiation order time, early distribution, optimization of idle resources; in the other time 3. Take-away member can be delivered ahead of time, in the rich time distribution, reduce accidents happen 4. Users to invite more freedom, as long time before they don't like waiting for the delivery order, delivery, etc. ; Smart take food ark, not only can be effective to shunt of meal time user resources, and operations to replace the restaurant waiter in the restaurant, cashiers, greatly reducing the restaurant the amount of manpower and improve work efficiency; In the distribution of distribution has also reduced the take-away member pressure; For the customer, less tedious order process, can even take a meal time according to their own time to adjust.
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