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by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
Traditional food and beverage outlets mostly adopts the waiter order mode, customer order only at the checkout counter or table after order, and need to the cashier. This kind of point of single mode operation trival, often can't meet the demand of catering outlets peak time order, which affects consumers' dining experience. So, in order to improve the user experience, let more users get a better dining experience, traditional food and beverage outlets has introduced the self-help order machine, self-help order machine with embedded barcode scanning engine, just do JiSao code can order and payment, very convenient. order machine embedded qr code scanner phone support, qr code scanning and data transmission characteristics with the help of mobile phones and expand sweep 'code payment' function module; Combining dining, cashier order system software, to achieve customer self-service order, and payment services. Specific operation process is as follows: 1, into the shop, order: when customers into the store, you can self service order on board at the entrance of stores, select items order, then choose to pay, pay treasure or WeChat activation self-help order machine embedded mobile qr code scanner; Pay 2, sweep the yard: scan window in self-service order machine, brush phone pay treasure or WeChat barcode, payment is successful, print receipts; Then consumers pay receipts ramadhin table, waiting for dinner; 3, the store order: consumers pay for success, the client server can receive orders, confirm the order, the kitchen printer to print receipts at the same time; When the food is according to the receipts with good waiter according to the ramadhin serving on the receipts. Through the use of self-service order machine in the restaurant, not only save the store order cashier and time of customers line up the order system also can complete business intelligence summary and analysis of data. Make the management efficiency and the order of dining-room efficiency improved. Division I of the integration of science and technology to create a new mode of smart restaurant, custom solutions, and provide one-stop intelligent hardware products including self service order machine, intelligent take cupboard series equipment, electronic menu, snarling and cancel after verification.
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