Self-service register in the application of the convenience store

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Self-service register by self-help approach, as its name implies is the function of the complete settlement of cashier. For the moment, and in many supermarkets, convenience stores and convenience stores are used. Self-service register is at a new mode of cashier spread to the whole market, today we are going to learn about the unmanned self-help combination, self-help cash register in the application of the unmanned convenience store. Self-service register practical function is very strong, can replace the existing cashier job functions. Can reduce operating costs, reduce the burden for the existing retail industry. Especially if one of the existing new retail model convenience store really need the application of the self-service register, because there is no convenience store first is to ensure that no self-help automatically. Self-service register is no convenience store for self-help products, not only don't need human to operate, but also can guarantee the normal work of cashier. Convenience stores in the whole operating process, self-service register is one of the more important step. From the store for the customer, by face recognition screen to verify the information and binding, and freedom to choose. Finally completed by self-service register self-help sweep code checkout, the self-help also completed the function of the product degaussing the cash register, the final customer. This is diy cash register in the convenience store, the application of very suitable for unmanned convenience store application scenario for the demand. The most main is fully played a self-help cash register, the characteristics of unmanned self-help, and convenient and quick.
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