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The classification of self-service terminals have?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
With the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of self-service equipment has been popular, including self-service terminals. But the kinds of self-service terminal is more, the functions of self-service terminals of each different is also different, so in addition to want to know how to choose and self-service terminals? To know the classification of self-service terminals, so what's the classification we often use the self-service terminal? The following information with you to understand: 1. Self-help gets to: refers to the query function and other related information of self-service terminals. 2. Self-service ticket machine: the self-service ticket machine system controlled by microcomputer, powerful, flexible, high stability, a two dimensional barcode printing/activation, the induction card identification, print bills, bank card and identification, password keyboard, such as equipment, touch screen LCD interface can be set up multi-level menu, can display the name of the window and public announcement content, such as flexible printing content can edit, report the real-time statistics, can generate various kinds of statistical reports. 3. Self-help prepaid phone terminal: for prepaid phone, our common with China mobile, China unicom and other telecommunications equipment company. 4. Self-help pay terminal: for the payment of self-service terminal function. 5. Self-help print terminal: used for printing function of self-service terminals, such as we saw in the railway station to print ticket self-service terminals is also one of them. Classification for self-service terminal what share for you here, today self-service terminals can be implemented including utilities, phone payment, the ticket purchase, welfare lottery ticket purchase, show ticket, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance payment, bank transfer, credit card payments, bank CARDS, inquiry of remaining amount, a variety of convenient payment functions such as group purchase. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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